Eighteeth Epex Pro Apex Locator (One Flex rotary file free)

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Apex locator

Eighteeth E-Pex Pro Apex Locator (One Flex rotary file free)


E-Pex Pro (Apex Locator) Features

  • Bright LCD with color coded measurements
    • When the file reaches the front region of the apical foramen, the apex locator screen displays the white indication strips
    • When the file reaches the position near by the apical foramen, the screen displays the green indication strips
    • When the screen light the red indication strips, means the file has exceeded the apical foramen, a rapid beep sound will be generated at the same time
  • Adjustable keys and alarm volume

Technical Specifications

  • Model Number: E-PEX Pro
  • Screen: 3.5″ LCD
  • Battery Capacity: 1600 mAh
  • Adaptor Working Voltage: AC 100-240v, 50-60 Hz
  • Dimensions: 95mm X 65mm X 20mm


Functions activated when E-Pex Pro (Apex Locator) is integrated with E-CONNECT Pro (cordless endomotor)

  • Auto Start-stop- Motor starts moving when the file enters the canal and stops when withdrawn
  • Apical Reverse- When the file reaches pre-set apical reverse point, user can define wether the fle starts moving in reverese direction
  • Apical Slow Down- To preserve the cemento dental junction and avoid file-separation, speed of motor slows down when the file is near apical region
  • Apical Torque Reduction- In addition to apical slow down, torque reduction at apical third prevents chances of file separation.


  • One year
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