Ivoclar Te-Econom Plus Composite Kit

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Composite kit

Ivoclar Te-Econom Plus Composite Kit


Light-curing, radiopaque hybrid composite. Te-Econom Plus has excellent physical properties and great polishability that makes it suitable for use in both anterior and posterior restorations. The high radiopacity allows easy identification in x-rays. Te-Econom Plus has a long working time that helps the clinical perform the dental procedure efficiently. Eco-Etch etching gel is composed of 37% phosphoric acid, having optimal handling characteristics and good etching effect on enamel and dentin. Te-Econom Bond is one bottle, one layer adhesive to be used with the total-etch technique.  


  • Restorations of Classes I to V
  • Esthetic anterior restorations
  • Posterior restoration of stress-bearing areas.


 Composition -

  • Dimethacrylate and TEGDMA (22 wt%).
  • The fillers include barium glass, ytterbium trifluoride, silicon dioxide and mixed oxide (76 wt% or 60 vol%).
  • Additives, initiators, stabilizers, and pigments are additional contents (2 wt%).


Advantages -  

  • Excellent physical properties.
  • Good polishability.
  • High radiopacity.
  • Long Working time.
  • Proven Ivoclar Vivadent technology and quality.



  • Excellent physical properties
  • Good polishability
  • High radiopacity
  • Long working time

Key Specifications

  • Storage temperature 2–28 °C (36–82 °F)
  • The particle size of the inorganic fillers is between 0.04 and 7 µm.
  • The mean particle size is 850 nm.



  • If a dry working field cannot be established or the stipulated application technique cannot be applied.
  • If a patient is known to be allergic to any of the ingredients.
  • Direct pulp capping with Te-Econom Bond/Flow/Plus


Side- effects -

  • In rare cases, ingredients may lead to sensitization.
  • The products should not be used in such cases.
  • To avoid possible irritation of the pulp, areas close to the pulp should be protected with a suitable pulp/dentin protector


  • 4 x 4 g Te-Econom plus syringes
  • 1 x 5 g Te-Econom Bond
  • 1 x 2 g Eco-Etch
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