Dental LED Light Cure Unit

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Light cure unit

Dental LED Light Cure Unit


  • Wireless curing light with charging.
  • Power: With a maximum more than 1500mW/cm².5W big power LED.Can be used Worldwide 100V-240V.With blue high sensitive brightness, can cure the resin which the wavelength of 420-480nm.
  • Constant light intensity. The solidification effect is not affected by the consumption of remaining power.
  • Elegant design, very convenient for operation.
  • Noiseless operation.
  • Low battery alert.
  • Three working models: strong, gradually strong, flashing.Use import LED, big power, intensity and longevity, save energy.The special design of charger base can be also used for holding the handle.It can solidify 2-3mm deepness in a few seconds.
  • Import SMOS components, stable, noiseless, no vibration.High capacity lithium battery. Automatic power off, low battery protection.
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