Medicept Directa FenderWedges Wedges ASST 4*36

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Medicept Directa FenderWedges ASST 4*36

Protects tooth and gingiva during preparations

Bur damage to adjacent teeth is a common problem in everyday dental practice. Research shows that 70% of adjacent teeth suffer damage during class II preparations.* FenderWedge prevents damage to the adjacent tooth and gingiva that commonly occurs during Class II preparations. FenderWedge is a combination of a steel plate and a plastic wedge. It facilitates easy application of a matrix. To avoid aspiration it is recommended to secure FenderWedge with a waxed dental floss. Available in four sizes, x-small, small, medium and large in refill-, value pack or assortment.

* Qvist V Johannessen L, Bruun M (J Dent Res 1992 Jul; 71 (7): 1370-3 Lussi A, Gygax M. (J Dent. 1998 Jul-Aug; 26 (5-6):435-41), Medeiros VA, Seddon RP (J Dent. 20000 Feb; 28 (2): 103-10))


4 reasons to use FenderWedge®

1. Confident Preparations
2. Protects adjacent tooth
3. Pre-Separation
4. Protects gingiva


  • FenderWedge Assortment, 4x36 pcs  
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