Neoendo Flex Rotary Files (Get 1 Neondo GP 4% or 6% of 60 points Free on each File packet)

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Neoendo Flex Rotary Files

Get 1 Neoendo GP 4% (60 points) or GP 6% (60 points) Free on each file packet


  • Endodontic NiTi  Rotary Files
  • Utilize a proprietary heat treatment
    • Tough file with unique flexibility
    • Flutes do not open up when stress levels are reached
    • Yet, doesn’t present shape memory
  • Cross Section – Triangular with sharp cutting edges
  • Non-cutting Safety Tip
  • Most cases require just 2 to 3 files
  • Simple usage protocol
  • Speed: 350 RPM
  • Torque: 1.5 Ncm


Recommended usage protocol:

  • Start by using a #15 size hand file with 2% taper, and the orifice opener rotary file
    • Narrow Canals – #20 size flex file with 4% taper followed by #25 size flex file with 4% taper
    • Medium Canals – #30 size flex file with 4% taper
    • Wide Canals – #25 size flex file with 6% taper and #35 size flex file with 4% taper

Neoendo Flex Endodontic NiTi Rotary Files should be used with a very gentle touch and never forced. Canals should be irrigated before engaging the files. The files are taken passively to the point of resistance and are brushed out of the canal.

When dealing with highly calcified and severely curved canals, usage of K files #8 and #10 and Neoendo Flex Glide files is recommended.

  • Prepare the access cavity and explore the canal using #8, #10 or #15 K-File
  • Establish the working length with the help of EAL/ Radiograph
  • Always irrigate the canal and recapitulate with the K-File when needed
  • For obliterated, calcified or severely curved canals, start with #8, #10 K-File. Use Neoendo Flex Glide Files till apex to achieve proper glide path
  • Use Neoendo Flex Files/ Flex Glide Files with gentle touch, never force the file and always use the recommended speed and torque settings
  • Use the endodontic file in brushing motion in the root canal. Take the file passively to the point of light resistance and brush out of the canal. Repeat the procedure until working length is achieved


  • Pack of 6 Files
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