Novabone Dental Morsels 1.5 gm

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Dental morsels

Novabone Dental Morsels

A majority of allograft and xenograft bone substitutes have morphological characteristics similar to that of natural bone: interconnected macro-porous structure. These grafts are primarily osteoconductive and hence the porosity plays a significant role in facilitating bone ingrowth and providing channels to form bone bridges. While NovaBone Dental Putty & PerioGlas create a virtual network of interconnected pores upon implantation, NovaBone Dental Morsels was developed to simulate the physical characteristics of xenografts and allografts. A combination of physical characteristics (macroporosity) and ionic release (osteostimulation) differentiates NovaBone Dental Morsels from other products with similar appearance including allografts and xenografts. Being synthetic, NB Dental Morsels eliminates all concerns about disease transmission or immune responses.

NovaBone Morsels for orthopedic use was launched in 2007 while morsels for dental use introduced in 2011.

NB Dental Morsels is a crystalline composite composed of oxides of silicon, calcium, sodium, and phosphorous in a silica base. The particle size ranges from 500µ – 1000µ with a mean particle size of 750µ. The pore size ranges from 50µ – 100µ with a pore volume of about 60%. The resorption characteristics and the particle size of NB Dental Morsels makes it an ideal bone graft in sinus defects and other craniomaxillary defects.


  • Osteostimulation & Osteoconduction
  • 100% Synthetic
  • Antimicrobial (transient, local)
  • Anti-Inflammatory (transient, local)
  • Room Temperature Storage
  • 4 Year Shelf-life

Typical uses

Dental Morsels give the defect structural support better than the particulate devices and hence form a good choice for reconstructive surgeries in esthetic areas.

  • Sinus Elevations
  • Ridge Augmentations (in combination with Putty)
  • Cystic Defects
  • Cranio-Maxillary defects
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