Onyx Regular Dental Chair

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Dental Chair

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Onyx Regular Dental Chair


  • Luxurious Upholstery Design with Sturdy and Broad Base
  • Synchronize movement of Backrest & Seat providing Trendelenburg chair position for Syncope
  • Chair Powered by Linak Motors
  • Option For Both Right And Left Handed Dentistry
  • All Air and water Tubes are Made In USA


  • Articulated adjustable head rest For Adult and Child
  • Broad Backrest Providing Extreme Comfort To Patient
  • 5 Point Over hanging Tray with stainless steel Instrument Tray
  • Feather touch control panel for the Chair in Main and Foot Control.
  • Three Erasable Program
  • Two Fixed Programs for Zero and Gargle positions
  • 90 degree Movable Colored Glass Spittoon for Geriatric Patient
  • 2 Air-Rotor Points with Micro motor Built In Terminal
  • Pneumatic Locking Hinge
  • LED Sensor Operating Light With High and Low intensity LED Based X Ray Viewer .
  • Chemical /Stain resistant Frosted Glass spittoon bowl.
  • Monitor Clamp On Chair Light Arm
  • Easy To Operate Foot Control For Air rotor and Micro motor operations.
  • Autoclavable Cannulae for Low & High Pneumatic suction on Assistant side
  • ZERO BACK ACHE Dentist stool for with Steel Base, height adjustment and 5 Castors
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