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Silicone tips for polishing and finishing restorations



Optimize is composed by abrasive silicone tips indicated for finishing and polishing restorations. It is available in three different shapes, enabling to work on any face of any tooth. It offers two functions in one single product, according to the strength applied in the use: The application with more strength allows to perform the finishing of the restorative material and the occlusal adjustment; The application with less strength provides the restoration polishing, making the surface smooth, uniform and bright. With its quick-locking system on Versaplus mandrel, it enables a faster work, making the switch between different shapes easier.


24 assorted pieces + mandrel


Abrasive silicone cones, cups and discs for finishing and polishing composites, amalgams and glass ionomers.



Install the mandrel onto the counter angle. Place the desired tip at the end of the mandrel. Apply the product dry, in low to medium rotation, with intermittent touches. The application with greater strength provides a greater abrasion of the restorative material. The application with less strength provides the polishing of the restorative material.



Available in 3 different formats.


Physical principle of operation

The silicone polishers with aluminum oxide in friction with the restorative material provide the finishing and polishing of composites, amalgams and glass ionomers.


Connection with counter angle

The mandrel Versaplus is manufactured in compliance with specifications from the rule ISO 1797-1.


Warnings, precautions and restrictions

Professional use only. When there is proven allergy to any of its components, the product must not be used. To avoid an accidental swallowing of this product it's necessary the application of a total isolation technique of the operatory field. The use of mandrel with similar products is of user’s sole responsibility. Apply the product with low rotation. Mandrel and tips must be sterilized in autoclave after every patient. The sterilization may cause slight change on tips color without affecting its functionality.



Autoclavable (126ºc, 147kPa, 16min). Before sterilization, proceed with the cleaning using water and enzymatic detergent.



Tips: Silicone rubber and aluminum oxide. Mandrel: Metal.


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