Waldent Premium Taper Gold Rotary Files (pack of 6)

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Waldent Premium Taper Gold Rotary Files (pack of 6)

Progressive taper Gold Rotary Files


Waldent introduces Premium Taper Gold Rotary Files for enhancing the efficiency of dentists across the world. The especially designed files hold the correct amount of metals as alloy of Nickel & Titanium ,optimised combination of noble metals for preventing the endodontic instruments from galvanisation & corrosion. Composition of alloy: Ni – 44% , Ti – 56% Ideally used in Endodontic Treatment for shaping & finishing the root canals ADVANTAGES: Increased Flexibility: Premium Taper Gold Rotary Files features the same exact geometries with flexibility increased by +24% on average and up to x2.6 greater resistance to cyclic fatigue on an F3 finishing file, reducing the risks of file separation. Trusted Performace: Featured with trusted performance , enhanced metallurgy provides best breakage resistance thus preventing any file breakage in the canal system. Premium Taper Gold’s convex triangular cross-section and progressive taper enhance cutting action while decreasing rotational friction between the blade of the file and dentin The non-cutting tip design allows each instrument to safely follow the secured portion of the canal while the small flat area on the tip enhances its ability to find its way through soft tissue and debris.       Premium Taper Gold with ultra slim handle for easy accessibility making it compatible with any type of endomotor.


Stengthen Metallurgy of premium taper files Multiple Changing Tapers over each File's Cutting Blades Progressively Changing Helical Angle and Pitch Variable Tip Diameters Modified Guiding Tip No Radial Lands Convex Triangular Cross Section More Efficient Cutting Angle Improved Safety Short Handles

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