Waldent Spectra Airotor -Super Torque

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Super torque airrotor

Waldent Spectra Airotor -Super Torque


Waldent Spectra Airotor (Aluminium Body)

- Designed to facilitate user-comfortability for the professional and a significant reduction in procedural times for their patients. The especially designed head size and customized light positioning contributes to a specialized level of visibility and maneuverability for users.

- The dental high speed handpiece has a Push Button configuration for easy replacement and attachment of dental burs.

 - This high speed dental handpiece has an excellent finish and has ergonomic design

- High Durability 

- Made up of Aluminium alloy

- Light Weighted

Available Colors:

  • Blue 
  • Black
  • Golden

Features :

1) Design

- Exclusive Design 

- Push Button Type

- Sleek Body

- Better Grip

- Excellent Texture

2) Bearing

- Ceramic ball bearing - long life span

3) Material

- Made of Aluminium alloy - Light weighted

4) Speed

- High speed handpiece

- Extra-torque & superior cutting efficiency

- Optimal power

5) Water Spray

- Optimum cooling of the treatment site with 3x spray

6) Connection

- Two hole Bordon Chair connection

7) Corrosion Resistant

8) Autoclavable at 135 degree celcius


Key Specifications

 Rotation speed

 More than 320,000 rpm

 Working air pressure 


 Cooling water 

 Single hole water spray

 Bur applicable size

 1.590-1.600 mm ISO standard

 Head standard

 Standard head 

 Chuck bur

 Push button


 Ceramic Bearing 

 Available Connection 



 Less than 65 dB


 Autoclavable at 135℃



Air Pressure: Maximum 0.2~0.25 MPa (2~2.5kgf/cm2

                        Minimum 0.18~0.22 MPa (1.8~2.2kgf/cm2)


  • Be sure to sufficiently lubricate the air-rotor with good quality handpiece oil befoe Autoclaving


  • 1 x Airotor
  • 1 x Key
  • Instructional manual


  • Manufacturer/Importer warranty of 3 months as applicable for this product
  • Service and Warranty are handled by the manufacturer/importer directly for this product
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