Waldent Stainless Steel H Files

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Waldent Stainless Steel H Files 

H Hand Files


Waldent Stainless Steel H Files Waldent Hand Files have been designed in an integrated manner to provide comfort & ease to the endodontists in preparing the canals.The strongest of the hand files by passing obstructions with far greater ease, are crafted to give the operator a smooth tactile sense inside the canal during instrumentation. These special hand files are made up ofStainless Steel Alloy.With more refined cutting edge , Tear drop cross section, these files lasts upto 8-10 endodontic cases.  INDICATIONS: For cleaning and shaping of canals Negotiating the canals with hand files prior to using rotary files Can be used as a pre-bent file in curved canals. CONTRAINDICATIONS: For severely curved canals


H-type file has more positive rake angle than K-File Compared to other types of files K-files , H-Files have higher cutting efficiency. H-files also cut on insertion and withdrawal Extraordinarily sharp and mirror-like finished edges High ductility make for excellent working characteristics

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