Waldent Thyroid Shield(Collar)

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Thyroid shield

Waldent Thyroid Shield(Collar)

X-RAY Thyroid Collar


 ADVANTAGES: It minimizes radiation exposure risks for patients and medical personnel by using high-quality thyroid shields during imaging procedures. Several common thyroid conditions can have potentially devastating impacts on a patient's health. Lead thyroid collars prevent harmful exposure to this sensitive gland. We offer a full assortment of lead thyroid collars and lead neck shields to ensure quality care and peace of mind. Our thyroid x-ray protection is utilized by hospitals, private practices, and imaging centers throughout the world Give your patients and medical staff the quality care and protection they deserve with risk-reducing lead thyroid collars.   

INDICATIONS: The Lead X-ray Aprons are used during intra-oral radiography. Each lead X-ray apron drapes comfortably over patient. For digital panaromic radiography.    

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