Waldent Walflex Gold Rotary Files

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Waldent Wal-flex Gold Rotary Files

Super Flexible Gold alloy Rotary Files


Waldent Rotary Files Waldent Wal-flex Gold Rotary Files utilizes a proprietary heat treatment which gives it a very unique flexibility, flutes open up when the stress level is reached, yet the file does not present shape memory. The Golden color of the Rotary Files is the result of sophisticated  and technologically advanced surface treatment which provides the files with far superior cutting efficiency Wal-flex files takes less time in cases & presents outstanding performance. Composition of alloy: Ni – 44% , Ti – 56% INDICATION FOR ROTARY FILES: For obliterated, calcified & severely curved canals WHY TO USE WAL-FLEX ROTARY FILES ? Root canal system is highly complex & a practitioner may encounter varied type of anatomies Heat treatment reduces the cutting efficiency of the blades. Also, the flutes of these files open up as stress levels are encountered in the canal resulting in increased preparation time & apical extrusion of debris Walflex Files are Shape Memory Files Buy 10 packets of Wal-Fles Rotary Files (any size) and get one packet FREE (W6 25mm) 


350% more resistant to cyclic fatigue Advanced memory alloy tech with elegant dark gold color Improved Resistant, cyclic fatigue resistance time Advanced Tip Process, Avoid Forming Steps Controlled memory files Super – flexible gold alloy Gold thermal treatment: Enhances cutting efficiency Triangular cross section: Sharp cutting edges Extreme Flexibility: To negotiate any canal Safety Tip: Non-Cutting tip to minimize apical transportation Autoclavable

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