Woodpecker LED H Ortho Curing Light with Intensity Meter

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Light cure

Woodpecker LED-H Curing light is a cordless composite resin curing light which adopts the principle of ray radiation to solidify the light- sensitive resin by shooting at it in a short time.
Curing time is only 3 seconds and power is 5 watts.

Rapid orthodontic 3 seconds for curing

Intensity light 1,800mW/cm3, only 3 seconds to solidify the bracket.

Beveled light guide

Easy to touch any part of teeth, can radiate vertically at any angles, especially suitable for posterior teeth

Continuous work time

Full metal body for intelligent cooling system, preventing overheating after long-time work.

Constant light

Tests have shown: curing light withour constant light intensity witll cause incomplete solidification to the bottom of resin when power drop to about 60%.

Constant light output. solidification effect will not be affected by the consumpition of remaining power.

For most curing lights on the market, light intensity obviously decreases with the consumption of remaining power.

Optical fiber

Can be autocalaved under 135ºC high temperature and 0.22Mpa high pressure, effectively avoiding cross infection.

Woodpecker light hood is made of selected quality materials, rejecting Blue-ray injury.

Studies prove that Blue-ray will cause macular degeneration to retina and eyes.


Woodpecker lithium battery with CB certification, more reliable, no explosion.


Technical parameter

Power input       AC100V-240V  50Hz/60Hz

Light output      1000mW/cm² -1800mW/cm²

Net weight         178g

Dimensions       Φ25mm×252mm

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